Meet the Access-School Team

We are a team of diverse personalities hailing from different parts of the country and share a couple of common traits – we are curious, love learning and enabling people, particularly students.

We wonder why school education continues to be taught in such a traditional, one-size-fits-all manner. We hold strong opinions about what, how and when to learn, and debate every step we have taken to come this far in bringing our version of support that we believe every learner deserves. We believe learning is for life, and that school education should help each student to explore and discover their interests, talents, learning styles and study concepts and develop skills that are enablers in their journey of self-development.

We would love nothing more than to work with more students, teachers, educators and parents and build a community of lifelong learners.

Access school is an online educational institution offering curricula
that will lead to national (ICSE) and international school boards



Our school’s vision is, “Leverage technology to provide a
high-quality, comprehensive, and meaningful education for all
students, to achieve personal success in their learning and become
responsible and productive citizens.”




Full School
Teacher Training
Modular Courses

Core Team

A serial entrepreneur with a passion to generate new ideas, devise feasible solutions to the most relevant problems and bring about a change in the education ecosystem using technology.

Amit Mathur

An IIT Alumni, passionate technologist and a programmer at heart. Amit is an entrepreneur to the core and loves building user centric products and is a self-proclaimed coffee snob.

Amit Aggarwal
Chief Technology Officer

An EY and TFI alumni with a passion for digging into customer problems and solving them with technology. Swati creates and optimizes product portfolios with customer at the center of all that she does. She quickly adapts to new insights, believes in an output driven approach, self-reflection and building an amazing team before a winning idea.

Swati Choudhury
Product & Growth Officer

A strategist and planner with an ardent belief in the importance of timely delivery of products and services to the customers. Rajat is well-organized, patient and has a methodical approach towards work.

Rajat Wadhwa
Strategy Execution Manager


A visionary and an education expert, Ujjwal believes in building a team driven by a strong entrepreneurial culture and a consumer-first mindset.

Ujjwal Singh

Leads a strong team of amazing teachers to design and deliver outcome-focused learning experiences. Pioneering approaches to cross-curricula learning in multiple formats to make learning accessible, meaningful and fulfilling to diverse learners.

Ruvneet Bains