All instructors

Kanika Khurana

Social Science Expert

A B. El. Ed. From Delhi University and Teach For India fellow, Kanika is a child’s advocate and helping him/her realize his/her own potential brings her greatest joy in teaching.

Neerja Bhasin Dev

Science Expert

A passionate Science teacher with 15 years of experience, Neerja ma’am believes that fundamentals, once well explained, go a long way in sustaining the interest of young minds.

Chaitali Dasgupta

Mathematics Expert

A successful Math teacher with 25+ years of experience, Chaitali ma’am believes that Math forms the foundation of everything. So, to love this subject, it is important to clearly understand the basic concepts.

Ratnalekha Shetty

English Language Expert

With 30+ years of experience in teaching and heading schools, Ratna ma’am focuses on her first love, teaching English. She believes that every child can do well and she always work towards ensuring that.