About Neerja Bhasin Dev

Teaching Science concepts and building blocks has been a passion since I myself experienced it throughout my school / college years. 15 years of making science fundamentals, fun and easy to learn has been a joyful ride. Using experiential learning techniques, mind maps and interactive exercises which students can relate to in their daily lives makes these concepts easy to remember and relate to.

Hello everyone! My name is Neerja and I am a Science teacher who believes that understanding any concept of science can create an awareness for every student in their interactions with the environment and surroundings. Relating any concept which is taught in a class, to a practical experience, is essential for a sound reiteration in the mind, which has a lasting impact.

Science is not boring or purely academic, and for me personally its always been a pleasure to read and teach facts and concepts to inquisitive minds. Basic fundamentals, once well explained go a long way in sustaining the interest of young minds.

Its always been my endeavor to adopt different techniques in teaching to enable a joyful learning experience.